About us

The Research Centre on Production Management and Engineering (CIGIP) welcomes you to its website. We hope that the products and capabilities that result from our R&D&I activity will be of interest to you.
At the CIGIP we undertake the following activities: technology transfer to companies, advanced postgraduate training and R&D&I projects. After a considerable period of proceedings and working on R&D&I, the time has come to offer the generated knowledge and results in a structured manner.
Our Research Centre is composed of a multidisciplinary team formed by teachers from the Department of Business Organisation at the Universitat Politècnica de València, contract staff and research fellows.


The Research Centre on Production Management and Engineering (CIGIP) is a Research Centre that belongs to the Universitat Politècnica de València, approved by its Board of Governors, whose members undertake R&D&I activities.
The CIGIP is heir of the R&D activity of the Management Group and Production Engineering (GIP), a multidisciplinary group formed by teachers, recruited staff and laboratory personnel; whose professional profile was of industrial engineers and computer scientists. From the point of view of academic teachers, it has a high percentage of doctors affiliated to the Department of Business Organisation with activities in the School of Industrial Engineering of Valencia, School of Informatics of Valencia and in the Higher Polythecnic Shool of Alcoy.