Technology Transfer

R & D contracts

Year 1995
Analysing the Production Management System
Sector: Ceramics
Improving the Information and Management System for Scheduling and Controlling Production in a company
Sector: Metallurgic
Improving the Production Management System of a company
Sector: Textile
Software that runs on Windows for Sequencing by Applying Genetic Algorithms
Sector: Automotive
Simulating Materials Flow in LEAN Production. Application to an Assembly Plant
Sector: Automotive
Year 1994
Analysing and Designing the Production System
Sector: Ceramics
Applying Group Technology to Production Management in a company that Manufactures Tool Machinery
Sector: Metallurgic
Studying Production Flow and Sequencing Works by Simulation. Application to a Company that Manufactures Surgical Material
Sector: Surgical
Modelling and simulating the production line of kitchen doors and furniture by applying the Witness simulation programme
Sector: Furniture
Year 1992
Applying Group Technology to a Company that Manufactures Tool Machinery. Defining a Manufacturing Standard
Sector: Home accessories
Optimising a Peripheral Equipment Production Line by Simulation Techniques
Sector: Hardware