Technology transfer

Technology offer - Software

The CIGIP places the following software to its customers’ disposal:

  • DGRAI – A Decision Systems Simulator for Companies
    This software designs or redesigns a company’s Decision System in the DRAI modelling language. Its representation module graphically illustrates the constructed model. It allows the decisional model to be analysed from static and dynamic viewpoints by simulating the time points at which decisions are made. It considers the finite capacity of Human Resources assigned to decisional activities and, by means of different parameters and behavioural patterns, it can analyse its behaviour over time by simulating its activity.

  • PROGNOS – An Expert Demand Forecasting System
    A tool that supports the Demand Forecasting process and includes a wide range of forecasting methods, an automated expert system to select the most appropriate forecast for each time series, plus a robust architecture to be implemented into small-, medium- and large-sized companies.