Proyectos I+D Europeos - Año 2006

OM-International Operation Management

Ref. ASIA-LINK/031Referencia: ASIA-LINK/031
Periodo de ejecución: 01/03/2006 - 31/08/2008
Tipo: Cooperación académica/educativa
Importe: 146.638,84 €
Entidad financiadora: Unión Europea
Investigador principal: Ortiz Bas, Ángel
Participantes: Angel Ortiz Bas, Francisco-Cruz Lario, Eduardo Vicens, Darío Franco, Pedro Gómez
Università degli Studi di Udine – Dipaertamento di Ingegneria Elettrica, Gestionale e Meccanica (ITALY); Universitat Politècnica de València (SPAIN); South Chinese University of Technology – School of Business Administration (CHINA); Xi’an Jiaotong University – School of Management (CHINA); Southwest Jiaotong University – School of Economics and Management (CHINA)


As consequence, in a long term perspective,this common training background will contribute to the future improvement of economic, industrial and business relations between Europe and Asia based on the alike understanding of the entrepreneurial processes.

The specific objective of the action is to integrate the current  didactic offer of academic undergraduate, postgraduate (Master) and Ph.D. courses with new didactic modules related to the theme of lnternational Operations Management. The expected curricula will dealwith five fundamental entrepreneurial processes: new product development, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, networked business transactions. Each of these will be reviewed according to the increasing demand of skilled professionals oriented to a global perspective.

The overall objective of this action is to promote the theme of lnternational Operations Management,by jo intly developing a programme of broad and enduring co-operation among Asian and European higher education institutions.

This objective will be pursued by fostering the co-operation in the field of higher education among three Chinese, an Italian and a Spanish universities with the view to create a stable partnership network,based on a new didactical framework.

 On the basis of the needs already collected, it has been found of relevant interest to allow the target groups to improve their skills and deepen their awareness and knowledge on themes considered to be of huge interest such as lnternational Operations Management.